Collection: Elevate Collection

When reflecting on my goals for 2024, I had to take a step back and admire how much I’ve grown in 2023. As a business owner, a professional, and as an individual, I really focused on doing a lot of foundation work throughout the year. I did so much grounding, connecting, and self-evaluation, and it allowed me to finish up this chapter with a sense of genuine self. 

I love developing a mantra to remind myself of my vision for the year. I usually start out by brain dumping all of my goals, big and small, and try to synthesize them and come up with patterns and connections. For 2024, I wanted a focus word that embodied my goals to to lean into vulnerability, authenticity, inner power, and happiness in effort to grow.

So, I’ve decided that my focus word for 2024 is Elevate. 

Just as the sun rises from the clouds, your light will persevere and outshine your most intimidating thoughts and challenge - you are able to elevate your life to reach your most daring goals!