Our Mission

By creating intentional products and cultivating spaces of creativity and reflection, Kapwa Kreations aims to build an empowered community while amplifying Filipino culture and centering shared human experiences.

  • Mia Balingit (they/she) Founder & CEO

    Mia is a 2nd Generation Filipino-American dedicated towards creating and sustaining inclusive, creative, and empowering communities through art and connection. Their passion project, Kapwa Kreations, is framed by their educational background in Social Work and Education from Hawai’i Pacific University, as well as through their professional background in K-5 education, family services, non-profit programming, and violence prevention. They currently serve the community as the Community Education Manager for a domestic-violence survivor support agency and have received trainings and certificates for knowledge in Restorative Justice practices, Domestic Violence Counseling/Advocacy, and trauma-informed art workshop facilitation.

    Mia's favorite Filipino dishes are kare-kare, tortang talong, and dinuguan!

  • Renato Balingit (he/they) Community Offerings Coordinator

    Renato has worked with various other nonprofits focused on providing emotional, social, academic, and mental support to students in San Joaquin County. He has also interened with the Community Outreach Department at Manteca Unified School District.

    Renato's main role is to engage the community with Kapwa Kreations' Rooted in Love workshops, as well as facilitate this offering. Through his work here at Kapwa Kreations, he hopes to inspire healing within the Filipino community and inspire others to work towards being their best selves!

    Renato's favorite Filipino dishes are bangsilog, kilawen, and papaitan!

  • Muzar (he/him) Visual Content Specialist

    Muzar (mew-zar) is a freelance photographer with 10+ years of experience and is currently dabbling in creating short films and mini documentaries. His overall intention with being in this creative space is to magnify and shine a light on people's various passions.

    As the Visual Content Specialist, Muzar aims to support Kapwa Kreations with any media needs while also showcasing our unique and beautiful products! Muzar sees Kapwa Kreations as an opportunity to find himself as a Filipino-American and embracing different cultures and experiences along the way.

    Muzar's favorite Filipino dishes are sinigang and pork adobo!

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Our Story

Kapwa Kreations (formerly Perfectly Pinay) was established on October 30th, 2021 as an online sticker shop that operated out of O'ahu, HI. At the time, founder Mia Balingit was a full time college student seeking a creative side hustle and had a thirst for community. During our early months, all of our designs were aimed to elevate and center Pinay pride and the Filipina-American experience. As time evolved, our product line began to expand into apparel, tote bags, and accessories. For two and a half years, what was known as Perfectly Pinay grew and expanded our offerings into the community-building and collective healing space.

In May 2024, Perfectly Pinay officially rebranded into Kapwa Kreations to authentically encapsulate our mission to provide safe spaces and grounding tools to promote Filipino culture and shared human experiences. We now offer community workshops with in person and virtual facilitation, unique stationery and reflection tools, and operate both in Northern and Southern California.