What are you rooted in?

Rooted in Love is the core of Kapwa Kreation's community offerings and services. Through art, connection, and identity empowerment, our workshops are designed to build community while also promoting self-care and creativity.

  • Kultivating Kapwa

    These workshops aim to promote and reflect on Filipinx culture through art and community building. These are designed to be facilitated with groups of folks who identify as Filipinx/Filipinx-American in efforts to center our shared culturasl experiences.

  • Journaling & Community Circles

    Our journaling circles are designed to promote intentionality and reflection on various topics. We also offer courses on how to utilize journaling as a tool for healing and empowerment.

    Community Circles are facilitated gatherings to intentionally discuss sensitive and/or heavy topics that need extra community care.

  • Transformative Art

    Our signature art workshops allow participants to reflect, discuss, and creatively express their thoughts and feelings on various social issues, systems of oppression, and/or identity empowerment & exploration. These unique art activities are embedded into facilitated discussion and community building. Folks of all backgrounds and experiences are centered during these workshops.

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