Merkado Magic

This learning cohort was designed by Mia Balingit (they/she), the CEO and founder of Kapwa Kreations (formerly Perfectly Pinay). Mia started Kapwa Kreations in October 2021 as a broke college student. Their business plan didn't really have a solid foundation, and things were developed without authentic intentionality. As they planted themselves in different spaces, Mia learned (and is continuing to learn) various strategies on how to build community-centered, intentional, and empowering systems to help elevate their life and their business. Now, Kapwa Kreations is a thriving business centering Filipinx voices and experiences, while also cultivating a welcoming and creative community. 

After investing a ridiculous amount of money in coaches, courses, and seminars, Mia realized that there aren't many accessible or personalized learning opportunities for new/budding entrepreneurs, so they developed Merkado Magic as a community offering to help empower and educate folks that are committed to learning and growing their craft.

  • 6 Facilitated Cohort Sessions

    We will discuss different elements of business development, personal branding, and intentional creation. Some of these topics include: utilizing social media, maximizing your space at in-person pop ups/events, networking tips, calculating profit, centering community, and more! 

  • 1:1 Business Coaching & Sustainable Resources

    You will have 1-2 1:1 sessions with a cohort facilitator each month over the course of the program to map out and plan tangible steps to help elevate your business.

    You'll also get access to tested and approved tools and networks that will help you develop and scale your business, as well as worksheets, preferred vendors, and more!

  • Personal Growth Challenges

    Reflection and wellness challenges will be assigned at the beginning of each month for you and your cohort to focus on. Folks who consistently participate and complete this challenges receive a special prize at the end of the cohort session - we'll chat more about this if you're accepted into the cohort!  

Applications are now CLOSED

Our first cohort is currently in progress! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @kapwakreations and join our newsletter to get updates on future cohort applications!